Kids and tasers,......

The following article has nothing to do with the event and with real life, it's just a interpretation of my twisted imagination. In the picture posted are just three main characters even though there are lots of kids and cops who are eagerly waiting to see some one get stung and electrocuted. You can all see the little half black or dark skinned dude, the one in blue sitting near the fat man or cop or what he really is I don't know but what's important is that the old guy is fat and he has a taser or some kind of device which uses electricity instead of bullets, I think that devices are called taser guns, but it dos not look like a taser gun.... what ever so the short dude in blue, which i happen t know, he was in the same class as I was back in the 5'th and 7'th grade, any how hes' a jerk. So you can clearly see how interested he is in the taser, what goes through his mind, maybe and I really thing that he want's to take the taser from the fat man and and stung him with it or maybe he want's so stung some one ells with it or him self but I don't think that he's that stupid to stung him self with a taser or is he??"(Hyhyhy.., look at this fool telling us and indeed me stuff about tasers and how to use them, I should punch him in the face take his taser and stung him with it, this plan is bulletproof i has to work....)". Right, now watch the dude talking at the cell phone he's creeley calling for backup or telling the snipers to get into position or maybe he's just talking to his wife, but the only plausible thing that he's calling for backup because there's no watch point for the snipers to look after the "meeting". Let's get back to fat man, just look at his face expression it's like his saying: "My God look at me what I've become, teaching kids who to use tasers I always wanted to become a doctor or a lawyer, not this I should have listend to my mother, God give me strength to finish this...., after this I only have two years and I'll finally be able to retire". The End.

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