"June Cleaning"

As you may have guessed by now, just reading the title the article will be about cleaning up a room or I should say a classroom, I know it sound weird but that's what I had to do, I had to clean up the info-classroom, well not just I my self but all my classmates as well, and this is the short story about what happened a long time ago (yesterday, and the day before actually). First day of "work" was so darn boring, I had the crappiest "job" I had to help anyone who needed my help, that means that I just stood and did nothing, for an hour and twenty minutes (I think), I did almost nothing except carrying desks like a looser, after that we had to write a something about that day, and how was it and who stood in our way, and what we would wanted to have been, and some proposals about what we have wanted to change. So the first day sucked except that everyone had a shot at putting a song they like and I put AC/DC Back In Black. But the second day was very, very good, cause I was the photographer, and I took photos to everyone, they kinda suck though, but it was great, I don't know what everyone's "jobs" (activities) were, but some cleaned the desks some were refillers, other vacuumed one was a journalist some cleaned the keyboards etc. Anny way in the end when all the computers were put back we found out that they were mixed up and a few a us stayed and we had to swap them back in their correct order. O and one last thing int the last picture you can see Halasz cleaning a monitor, I think he was a cleaner.

2 comentarii:

  1. Good job sefu... Foarte tare, sa ne traiesti, mai ai cateva greseli, da e f. fain ca-i pe enlga :)

  2. it mainly sucked, lucky for us we`all have a guitar genius to gaze at.