"Dead Band Live At Bucharest"

"Dead Band Live At Bucharest" if you didn't guest the title it's about Guns N' Roses or GNR for some. Why am I calling them dead?, well the reason is simple that band is really dead, all the original members are gone the only original band member is the one people call W. Axl Rose the who destroyed Guns N' Roses, what I don't understand is why they still call it like that, it makes no sense GNR is dead, I don't care what people say they are dead, seriously they have three guitar players for what?, those three don't even compare with Slash. Anyhow let's talk about the concert that was, at which I did not attended but I read some thing on the internet about the concert, like the fact that as usual they were late by tow hours, from what I read the concert was suppose to start at 20:30 P.M but started at 22:30 P.M, two hours late, really what self respecting band dose that, I went to the AC/DC concert on May 16'th, which by the way was the day that Ronnie James Dio died(may he rest in peace), at least AC/DC were right on time for the show, they weren't one minute late. But the worse part is that Axl Rose sounded like crap on stage, he snag those songs like shit, I watched some footage of the concert on the internet and it was really horrible, worse parts were Axl's piano solo Richard Fortus Guitar Solo, Dizzy Reed Piano Solo, DJ Ashba Guitar Solo, Bumblefoot Guitar Solo, and another thing the way they played AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie sucked. In conclusion the concert rocked for some and sucked for most..., for me the concert sucked and was a big disappointment, good thing I didn't go... GNR are dead and The new version blows. Her's the play list.

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